SEPAL Forest and Land Monitoring for Climate Action

SEPAL highlights (January 2022 -June 2023)

The SEPAL project aims to remove the barriers to data access and processing methods so anyone, anywhere can produce useful and actionable results to...

Open Foris 2023

Free open-source tools for effective natural resource monitoring.

AIM4Forests Accelerating Innovative Monitoring for Forests

Reducing deforestation and forest degradation and restoring and sustainably managing forests are critical pathways to meet the 2030 global goals. To...

Estimating emissions and removals from forest degradation An overview of country experience

Estimating emissions and removals from forest degradation is important, though challenging, for many countries. This booklet provides an overview of...

Integration of SEPAL into Uganda's National Forest Monitoring System

This case study summarizes the experience of the use of System for Earth Observation Data Access, Processing and Analysis for Land Monitoring (SEPAL)...

Developing an Innovative Peatlands Monitoring System in Indonesia

Peatlands cover only 3 percent of global land area but store nearly 30 percent of the world’s soil carbon, and may contain twice as much carbon as the...

FRA 2020 Remote Sensing Survey

The FRA 2020 Remote Sensing survey is a global collaborative study of the Land use dynamic between the years 2000, 2010 and 2018 focused on forest and...

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