Autoevaluación y Valoración Holística de la Resiliencia Climática de Agricultores y Pastores (SHARP)

SHARP in the field

The Self-evaluation and Holistic Assessment of climate Resilience of farmers and Pastoralists (SHARP) tool addresses the need to better understand the situations, concerns and interests of farmers and pastoralists relating to climate resilience through a participatory self-assessment.

The Approach

The SHARP tool was initially developed in a collaborative manner with numerous contributors in the context of ongoing GEF-financed climate change projects in 2014. A technical review of the tool was conducted in 2017, resulting in an improved tool: SHARP+

SHARP+ is both a learning tool as well as a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool that works by first identifying areas of weak resilience and providing a baseline upon which changes can be assessed. It fills a void in farm system resilience assessments carried out in using a holistic, integrated, inclusive and scientifically sound approach.