Social Protection for Fisheries and Aquaculture (SocPro4Fish)


Los mecanismos de financiamiento externo resultan esenciales para la sostenibilidad de los micro y pequeños productores agropecuarios y acuícolas. En la mayoría de los casos, su escala de producción y la consecuente baja renta generada, imposibilitan su acceso regular a los insumos de producción requeridos para iniciar nuevos ciclos.


This brochure gives a summary overview of four international binding fisheries instruments (conventions and agreements) that promote the safety of fishing vessels, safety of fishers, training of fishers, and responsible and safe fisheries operations.


The full range of activities required to deliver fish and fish products from production to the final consumer is subject to indirect impacts of the pandemic through new sanitary measures, changing consumer demands, market access or logistical problems related to transportation and border restrictions.


The paper explores how social protection interventions can be used to reduce the vulnerability and strengthen the resilience of households and communities who depend principally on renewable natural resources to sustain their livelihoods and food security, using the case of small-scale fisheries as an illustrative case.