The Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP)

Empowering Eritrea's Honey Value Chain: Insights from TAP-AIS Stakeholders' Engagement Event

One of the functioning multi-stakeholders’ mechanisms from the TAP-AIS project in Eritrea is the honey value chain. During the capacity needs assessment, it was evident that stakeholders’ engagement and interaction in the honey value chain was weak. Stakeholders had suggested strengthening the collaboration and co-innovation mechanism through capacity development interventions. Based on the stakeholders’ guidance, the TAP-AIS project in Eritrea had organized a two-day workshop on stakeholders’ engagement and co-innovation on 14 – 15, December 2023 in Asmara, Eritrea. The overall objective of the event was to support selected participants from the different national institutions of the honey value chain and other relevant stakeholders in the national AIS (Agricultural Innovation System) to engage in multistakeholder policy processes more effectively; and aimed at identifying and facilitating new collaborations and partnerships that support functioning of the honey value chain.

Various stakeholders took part in this event which included, on day 2, a marketplace and showcasing event by some of the value chain actors. During the networking session, participants engaged in lively discussions and knowledge sharing, exchanging practical experiences and best practices in the honey value chain. They emphasized the importance of peer learning and the need for platforms that facilitate knowledge exchange among beekeepers, producers, and other stakeholders. Afterwards, there was a dialogue among various stakeholders around the challenges of the sector, and one solution that emerged from the discussion was to have a joint action by actors in the honey value chain. Accordingly, “weak integration and coordination among actors in the honey value chain” was the top prioritized challenge that is impeding to tap the potential of the beekeeping sector in Eritrea. Stakeholders further explored the root causes of the problem and identified the following, i.e., i) Absence of beekeeping investment and regulation guidelines; and ii) Absence of multi-stakeholders’ engagement platform.

After a thorough discussion and dialogue, stakeholders concluded that a multi-actors innovation platform in the honey value chain should be established with the overall objective of enhancing coordination and integration. Stakeholders also requested the TAP-AIS project to lead the process. Accordingly, a concept note is in place and establishment of the multi-actors innovation platform is underway. Various partners, including the MoA, the representatives of the UN agencies working in Eritrea (IFAD, EU, UNDP, and FAO) and other partners, expressed a strong interest to provide the needed support (financial and technical) to the honey value chain initiatives.

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