In Focus: FAO response to global food security challenges

On the ground in Gaza

Hostilities in the Gaza Strip have caused catastrophic levels of acute food insecurity. The following reports provide an analysis of the food security situation in the region.



This brief focuses on assessing the gender-related impacts of the current hostilities in Gaza, emphasizing the importance of understanding the specific needs and vulnerabilities of men, women, girls, and boys. It highlights the necessity of identifying gender-based constraints and vulnerabilities to ensure an appropriate and accountable response that leaves no one behind.


A joint FAO/WFP update for the members of the United Nations Security Council, February 2024. Issue No. 13 (Special edition)


Animal Fodder Distribution in Gaza - Interview with Rein Paulsen

FAO is delivering animal fodder to households in Gaza amidst an imminent risk of famine. Rein Paulsen explains the importance of supporting local production.

Famine is imminent in Gaza Strip - Interview with Rein Paulsen

The food security situation in Gaza is catastrophic explains in an interview the Director of the FAO Office of Emergency and Resilience, Rein Paulsen.

Escalating crises and hunger require urgent response, says FAO Deputy Director-General Beth Bechdol

Acute hunger is escalating worldwide in places like Gaza, Ukraine, and Sudan and it requires urgent and collective action, explains Beth Bechdol.

FAO Brief - 12 January 2024

In this episode: FAO calls for urgent action on food insecurity in the Gaza Strip; the FAO Food Price Index follows a food commodity price drop in 2023;...