Коренные народы

Members of the Coalition (in alphabetical order):


FAO Member States:

Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, Ireland, Lesotho, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Panama and Spain.

UN Agencies:



UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues (UNPFII)


FAO Indigenous Peoples Unit (PSUI)

The Coalition on Indigenous Peoples' Food Systems

Indigenous Peoples' food and knowledge systems are game-changers for the sustainable transformation of food systems. This has been recognised by several actors, including the Scientific Group of the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS21) and the UN Deputy Director. 


The Coalition on Indigenous Peoples' Food Systems was established during the UNFSS21 to enable Indigenous Peoples to work with FAO Members, UN Agencies, the private sector, bilateral and multilateral development institutions, and other relevant stakeholders to build healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems. Its work aims to ensure that Indigenous Peoples are engaged as effective  partners and that food systems transformation will be carried out in a way that recognises and respects their rights to self-determination and collective ownership of lands, territories, resources and knowledge.


Founded in 2021 by 7 Member States, in 2023 the Coalition grew up to 14 FAO Member States. The Coalition is chaired by the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues (UNPFII)'s chair. FAO Indigenous Peoples Unit (PSUI) has been appointed as Secretariat. 


Other UN agencies, such as UNEP, UNESCO, IFAD, WFP and WHO have joined the Coalition to support the collective work in designing policies and programmes that respect, preserve and promote Indigenous Peoples’ food and knowledge systems at the country level. Furthermore, the Coalition includes also the organizations Biodiversity International and Land is Life.


The Coalition was officially launched in October 2022 from the Boaššu FoodLab, an Indigenous nomadic tent built on the premises of FAO during the World Food Forum (WFF). 

Watch the 2022 launching of the Coalition: