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Contribute to the reference paper on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems for the United Nations Food Systems Summit.

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The reference paper on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems, called the White Paper/Whipala Paper on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems is the main written and evidence-based contribution from Indigenous peoples to influence the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021. The UN Food Systems Summit will determine the principles underlying policymaking on food systems’ sustainability for the forthcoming decades.  


The reference paper on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systems blends scientific and traditional knowledge to present these evidence-based contributions from Indigenous peoples in the 7 sociocultural regions. This reference paper aims to influence the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit dialogues and processes.   


Your contributions to this paper as indigenous peoples,traditional knowledge holders and nature’s health keepers are extremely important now more than ever!! 


This paper will highlight the relevance of indigenous peoples’ contribution to the global debate on the transformation towards more sustainable food systems. It will provide an opportunity for indigenous peoples, indigenous leaders and indigenous peoples’ organizations to present evidence-based information on indigenous peoples’ food systems and their resilience, and sustainability elements.  


The draft of the white paper was initially prepared by the members of the Global-hub on Indigenous Peoples’ Food Systemshosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The draft received inputs from numerous contributors, including Indigenous peoples, research centres, Universities, UN Agencies and other stakeholders, who have been working closely with Indigenous peoples and their food systems.   



How can you contribute to this reference paper? 


1) Register here as soon as possible in order to receive the reference paper and contribution guidelines. 

2) Carefully read the reference paper and the guidelines to share your contributions.  

3) Please keep your contribution to a maximum of 2 pages using font size 11. 

4) Send all your inputs to [email protected] before 5 March 2021. 



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