Indigenous Peoples

Global Indigenous Youth Caucus

FAO and Indigenous Youth working together for Zero Hunger

The Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC) was established in 2006 and gathers Indigenous Youth from diverse backgrounds to address the concerns of Indigenous Youth worldwide. Ever since its creation, the GIYC has presented statements at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) and was recognized by the Permanent Forum as a working caucus in 2008. To ensure the proper representation and sustainability of Indigenous Peoples' rights mechanisms, ongoing efforts are needed to recruit, involve, and train youth from different Indigenous Peoples’ communities. In 2017, FAO organized a meeting with the GIYC to incorporate their concerns into the organization's work and promote their integration. The GIYC also engaged with Permanent Representatives to discuss food security and agriculture challenges. The meeting resulted in the "Rome Statement" with recommendations on UNDRIP and the Sustainable Development Goals. Following this, UNDESA recommended that FAO hosts a bi-annual UN Global Indigenous Youth Forum. After co-hosting the first Indigenous Youth Forum in 2021, FAO and the GIYC will organize the second Forum in Rome in October 2023. Acknowledging the crucial role of Indigenous Youth in various aspects of sustainable development, it is essential to address Indigenous Youth’s needs and aspirations within the implementation of the SDGs.