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UN Global Indigenous Youth Forum (UNGIYF)

What is the UNGIYF?

The Biennial UN Global Indigenous Youth Forum (UNGIYF) is the only high-level forum in the UN dedicated to Indigenous Youth. Since its inauguration, in 2021, it had been hosted by FAO. The UNGIYF is a unique space of dialogue and discussion for Indigenous Youth from all the 7 socio-cultural regions of the world. It is their chance to meet, raise their voices and share concerns and proposals with Member States, UN Agencies, academia, research centres and other stakeholders.


UNGIYF History

  • In 2016 the UN Permanent forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues (UNPFII) issued an alarming report on the reality of self-harm and suicide rates amongst Indigenous Youth. Amongst other issues (land grabbing, forced dispossession and assimilation, cultural and biodiversity loss), Indigenous Youth were affected by the loss of their food and knowledge systems.
  • In 2017 FAO Indigenous Peoples Unit organised a meeting between the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC) and the Organisation's Senior management. The meeting resulted in the Rome Statement on the Contribution of Indigenous Youth Towards a World Without Hunger.
  • In 2018 UNDESA/UNPFII issued a recommendation to FAO for the creation of the UNGIYF.
  • In 2021, after three years of work to set up the secretariat, the first Session of the UNGIYF was held online, due to pandemic restrictions. 136 Indigenous Youth participated in the Forum, which resulted in the Indigenous Youth Global Declaration on Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems.
  • In 2022 a delegation of Indigenous Youth met in-person at FAO Headquarters (Rome) to launch the My Food Vision Is... campaign.
  • In 2023 the first in-person gathering of the UNGIYF was held at FAO Headquarters (Rome). 186 Indigenous Youth participated in it, and it resulted in the Rome Declaration on Safeguarding Seven Generations in Times of Food, Social and Ecological Crisis.

II Session of the UNGIYF - 2023

The II Session of the UNGIYF was held at FAO Headquarters in Rome between the 16-20 October 2023. Watch all the pictures here!

  • 186 Indigenous Youth, coming from 54 countries, speaking 93 languages and representing 98 Indigenous Peoples' groups gathered in person for the event.
  • The UNGIYF was held in a group of Saami Indigenous nomadic tents that travelled all the way from Norway to Rome. The Forum's space was declared Indigenous territory.
  • It featured more than 20 sessions and side-events, an exhibition on Indigenous Peoples food and knowledge systems and a NO-honey bar to advocate on the importance of non-Apis mellifera bees products.
  • Every day, Indigenous chefs served 300 bowls of soup to Member States' delegates and visitors, to commemorate the Choctaw and Irish famine gift.
  • The UNGIYF main themes were: the future of Indigenous Peoples' food and knowledge systems in the context of climate and biodiversity action; the impact of pesticides, extractive industries and ultra-processed foods on Indigenous Peoples; the protection of Indigenous plant genetic resources; the importance of Indigenous-led education.

The 2023 UNGIYF had been co-organised by the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus (GIYC), the Association of World Reindeer Herders and the Nomad Indigenous FoodLab. It had been supported by Docip and hosted by FAO.