Inland Fisheries

Report to the Government of Nepal on Inland Fishery Biology. Rep.FAO/UNDP(TA), (3287).

Overview of inland fisheries

Construction of commercial fish farms and fish hatcheries and advice and training in their management are described in this report, along with details of valuable experience gained during the work on the project.

Advice and assistance were provided for the introduction of new fish species for culture and for the introduction of the duck-cum-fish culture. Fish propagation techniques were adapted and introduced and training provided in this field. New fish egg incubation and larvae-rearing devices were developed and installed. Advice, based on the expert's investigations, was provided for expanding the possibilities of fish production. The expert estimated the total fish catch in the country for statistical purposes.

Efforts should be expanded to promote the mass production and distribution of fingerlings of the cultivated fishes, in conjunction with broadened training and demonstration work. Additional new hatchery-farms for fingerling production would promote fish culture development. Fish culture should be further expanded through use of village tanks and reservoirs for intensive culture, assistance to farmers in fish pond construction, extension of fish-cum-duck culture and paddy-cum-fish culture, restocking of lakes and rivers and conducting of basic research.