Inland Fisheries

Inland fishery resources of Nigeria. CIFA Occasional Paper No. 20.

Overview of inland fisheries

This document is a review of the inland fishery resources and fisheries in Nigeria. The major sections deal with fish species diversity in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; fishery resources of the major river and lake systems, their floodplains and wetlands; and reservoirs. In the chapter on management and conservation the author shows the importance of traditional inland fishery management, and discusses the roles of State and Federal Governments. Extension services, credit allocation and fishermen organizations are discussed with a view to suggesting improvements. A short section deals with the current constraints on pond aquaculture offering advice and possible solutions. The impact on fish stocks of the increasing use of water for irrigated agriculture, and of the application of insecticides and herbicides, is highlighted, and the need for enforcement of the new standards for Environment Pollution Control in Nigeria emphasized.