Inland Fisheries

Fish stocking activities undertaken by the Sepik River Fish Stock Enhancement Project (1987-1993) and the FISHAID Project (1993-1997). P.N.G./93/007 Field document No. 5..

Managing inland fisheries

This report lists the fish stocking/enhancement activities undertaken by the FISHAID project and its predecessor (the Sepik River Fish Stock Enhancement Project). During both projects stock enhancement activities were as approved by the Government of P.N.G. Each species selected (as listed below) was subject to a rigorous pre-appraisal for its suitability for P.N.G. This included adherence to an internationally recognised code of practice for the introduction of aquatic species. Each species selected was subject to a separate report (as listed below) including the reasons for its selection, a lengthy appraisal ofits suitability and the approval procedure as per code recommendations. The purpose of this report is to archive stock procurement and release details for each species so that their progress in the river basin can be monitored. Fish were released only into the Sepik-Ramu River basin by the two projects.