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GCM Downscaled Data Portal of CCAFS (CCAFS-CLIMATE)

CCAFS-Climate is the data portal for downscaled global and regional climatic data of the Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Research Program of the CGIAR. It provides global and regional future high-resolution climate datasets based on Global Circulation Model (GCM) projections under defined greenhouse gas emission scenarios. The CCAFS downscaled GCM datasets were obtained using different downscaling methods, GCM models and both AR4 SRES scenarios and AR5 RCP scenarios , and are available as global or regional (tiled) datasets for key climatic variables (monthly maximum, mean and minimum temperature, and precipitation) for periods from 1970s to 2080s. All methods are well documented on the CCAFS web site. Downscaling the coarse spatial resolution of GCMs, typically of the order of 250-500 km, to 1 km is essential for incorporating climate change projections into land use planning. CCAFS downscaled climate change projections can serve as a basis for assessing the climate change impacts and adaptation in a variety of fields including biodiversity, agricultural and livestock production, and ecosystem services and hydrology.

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