The Development Law Service

Adequate Food: The Human Right of Us All

The Development Law Service of FAO’s Legal Office (LEGN) at the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean has released the self-paced e-learning course of ten hours, “Adequate Food: The Human Right of Us All.” Enrol now!

This course, designed for the general public, aims to disseminate essential concepts about the right to adequate food and the situation of this right in different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It responds to the crucial need to enhance awareness and understanding of this fundamental human right, emphasizing its multidimensional nature beyond mere caloric intake.  

Key Focus Areas: 

  • Human Rights: Understanding the concept, origin, and principles. 
  • The Right to Adequate Food: Exploring its components, international instruments, and the PANTHER Principles. 
  • Obligations of States and Stakeholders: General and specific state obligations, and the role of other societal actors. 
  • Special Protection for Groups: Examining the unique considerations for children, women, Indigenous Peoples, Afro-descendants, and other vulnerable groups. 
  • Protection Mechanisms: Legal instruments, policies, budgets, monitoring, and evaluation. 
  • Emergency Situations: Addressing the protection of the right to adequate food during crises. 

The course is open to the general public interested in gaining foundational knowledge about the right to adequate food. 

Certification: Upon completion, participants can download a certificate awarded by FAO RLC. 

For inquiries, contact [email protected]