FAO in Mozambique

Programmes in Mozambique

The Country Programming Framework (CPF) from 2016-2020

The Country Programming Framework (CPF) defines the medium-term priorities of FAO in support of the program of the Government of Mozambique (GoM) for 2016-2020. The CPF responds to the strategic objectives of FAO and emphasizes its catalytic role in developing sustainable capacity to improve food and nutrition security at country level. It also opens the way to enhance partnerships with government institutions and other stakeholders, particularly the UN agencies.

The current CPF priority areas are:

Improve selected value chains for food and nutrition security

FAO will contribute to improve productivity and production in all sectors with emphasis on Agriculture, which covers aspects related to research, fisheries production, agribusiness, food security and agricultural production.

Ensure transparent and sustainable management of natural resources and environment

For FAO it´s important to ensure the integration of Blue-Green Economy and Green Growth agenda in national development priorities, ensuring conservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources.

Increase the resilience of livelihoods to climate change, threats and crisis

The CPF aims to reduce the vulnerability of communities, the economy and the infrastructures to climate risks and natural and man-made disasters.