How milk and dairy products can impact human nutrition and improve livelihoods
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26 November 2013, Rome – FAO is urging governments to make milk and dairy products more accessible to the world’s most vulnerable households. According to its latest publication, Milk and Dairy Products in Human Nutrition, milk and dairy products not only have the potential to improve nutrition for the poor, but can also impact the local economies of producer households. From individual needs to local impacts and onto greater notions of sustainability, this publication examines the links between nutrition and dairy consumption, gaps in research and highlights the potential impacts of investing in programmes around milk and dairy products.

Ms Ellen Muehlhoff is a Senior Nutrition Officer at FAO. In the following interview she explains why milk and dairy products are important for nutrition and health, how much is recommended for consumption, and the lessons learned from case studies on small scale programmes focused on milk and dairy products.
3min. 35sec.
Topic(s): Animals & livestock
Produced by: Sandra Ferrari
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