Global Conference on Inland Fisheries ends this week
L. Miuccio
23 January 2015, Rome--- Natural or manmade inland water sources such as canals, lakes, rivers and bays play a very crucial role in food security. But despite their importance, these ecosystems are poorly managed in many areas of the world. Their value and the roles they play in local economies, personal nutrition, religion and even culture are arguably under-realized. But what are the issues? What has to be done now to preserve them? And what has to be done so that these waters are protected and used most efficiently as the world population continues to grow? These questions and more will be addressed next week at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization headquarters in Rome, during the Global Conference on Inland Fisheries.

Devin Bartley is a senior fish resource officer with FAO. In the following interview he elaborates on some of the main issues of the Conference and highlights the value of inland fisheries for global food security.
6min. 22sec.
Topic(s): Environment/Natural resources, Fisheries & aquaculture, Food Security
Produced by: Sandra Ferrari
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