TZH 15 - Colombia: Land rights, agriculture, and the quest for peace

In this episode we take you to  Colombia. We’ll explore how farming and land rights are tied into the country’s quest for sustainable peace after 52 years of civil strife. You’ll hear from the people of Morroa, a community in the district of Sucre. This district is one of five areas in Northern Colombia that have been part of a rural development program that the government is leading to revitalize the local economy. Years of armed conflict between the government and the rebel group FARC left more than 220,000 Colombian dead and it uprooted the lives of over eight million people. Many of those who were caught in the collateral damage of the war were displaced from their homes and lands. FAO’s Nadya Gonzalez went to this region to speak to some of the people who were part of the project. 

You can find a transcript of this episode here.

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