FAO75 Anniversary Ep2: The post-war era, a world of plenty?

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) sees the light of day in 1945. Its mission is to help bring closer a “world of plenty”. The first couple of decades after World War II coincide with a dramatic expansion in farming and agricultural productivity. But not all of 1945’s recipes pan out. Calories tend to concentrate in the richer parts of the world. The industrialization of agriculture leaves its mark on the environment, and multiplying emergencies jeopardize the fight against hunger. In the second episode of our podcast marking FAO’s 75th anniversary, Andre Vornic tracks changing understandings and practices in approaches to food and agriculture in the post-war period.

Acknowledgements: Karel Callens, Anna Lartey and Truman F. Peebles (FAO); Lizzie Collingham, historian and writer, Cambridge, UK; Jessica Fanzo, Johns Hopkins University, USA; Jane Howard, World Food Programme (WFP); Andrew Watson, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Read the publication online: www.fao.org/3/cb1182en/online/cb1182en.html

Producer and reporter: Andre Vornic

Post-production: Eric Deleu

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