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Food for thought to guide your thoughts of food

Learn to create nutritious and delicious dishes during this time of year

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FAO cookbooks will take you on culinary journey of your ingredients, from farm to table. ©FAO/Giuseppe Bizzarri


The holidays are a time when food is on our minds.

So here is food for thought: why not take advantage of this time of year to try new recipes and showcase your culinary talents to friends and family? Demonstrate your knowledge and skills on nutrition and cuisines. You may very well prove to be the food guru of the dinner table.

With these informative and easy-to-follow cookbooks, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) presents recipes from around the world, neatly packaged with interesting facts, stunning illustrations and helpful tips from chefs. Let these books introduce you to a wide range of cultures, tastes and ingredients, produced on both land and in water. With new cooking techniques from celebrated chefs and hobby cooks, these cookbooks will help you impress your loved ones.

So ditch your everyday food recipes and embark on an international culinary journey!

Savouring the species of the sea

Ever wonder about the origins of the common carp? Or even the prickly sea urchins on that platter? It might surprise you to know that a large portion of them originate from a farm, aquaculture to be more exact. From fish to crustaceans, the Farmed aquatic food for all tastes cookbook will take you behind the scenes of the aquaculture sector where you can learn about how twelve aquatic species get from farm to table. Centered on the Mediterranean and Black Sea aquaculture sector, the publication showcases culinary traditions and recipes, debunks myths and highlights the benefits of the region’s farmed species.

Each chapter pairs a success story of a producer who is revolutionizing aquatic farming with delectable recipes and chefs’ tips. Indulge in the secrets of the seas and turn ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes. 

Right/Top: The International Year of Millets photo contest winner, Jonathon Rees, showcases Maria Nakumbwata harvesting pearl millet – a tasty and healthy grain that can be incorporated in many dishes. ©Jonathon Rees. Left/Bottom: Indulge in the secret of

Millets: Not just your ordinary grains

A call to chefs and hobby cooks worldwide was what started it all. With millet recipes shared and collected through FAO’s Global Chefs’ Challenge, this Millets recipe book is a legacy of the International Year of Millets 2023.

What are often referred to as “forgotten grains”, millets have been cultivated for thousands of years across many cultures and continents. This year, however, a quest was launched to raise awareness about the versatility of these grains and incorporate them into our diets. Not only do they contribute to healthy diets and nutrition, but they are also climate change resilient. 

Check out this social media challenge turned recipe book, which includes millet-based dishes of different regions, tastes and cuisines from renowned chefs like Anahita Dhondy, Fatmata Binta and the Roca Brothers. Whether for a starter, main dish, snack or dessert, this recipe book has a millet dish for you!

Tasty treats made from seeds

From the different regions of the world, five farmers share the vital role of seeds for food security and livelihoods. These farmers give a sneak peek into their lives, highlighting the crops they cultivate and the dishes they create.   

Sarah Sikochi, a farmer and chef from Malawi, shares her recipe for rice stew with pigeon peas, a community favourite and a great source of protein. Learn how to make plant-based dishes like this from the farmers who are safeguarding crops for their communities and future generations.

Participants in the International Treaty’s Benefit-sharing Fund projects explain how seeds are not only a nutritious source of food in their communities but are also beneficial to their livelihoods. Through these videos, follow the stories of  farmers and chefs and celebrate cultures and traditions with these very dishes in your own homes.

María Tránsito Guamán is a farmer and chef from Ecuador, preparing a dish of potatoes, toasted corn, watercress and black-seed squash to promote crop biodiversity in the region. ©FAO/Cristina Vega

Dishes with fishes

Cooking can be more than just about eating. It can spark conversation with those at your table or even on your table. The playful series of “fish interviews” will introduce you to many types of fish, teaching you more than just recipes.

This Fish: Know it, cook it, eat it cookbook sews in everything from fish fraud to ocean governance to reimagined traditional dishes by celebrated chefs.

Nothing says the holidays more than the sharing of food and recipes with family and friends. Get started with these cookbooks and learn everything from food facts and delicious recipes to improving healthy diets and food security. Your loved ones are bound to be impressed!

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