Recommandations alimentaires

Food-based dietary guidelines - Bulgaria

Official name

Food based dietary guidelines for adults in Bulgaria.

Publication year

Bulgaria launched its food-based dietary guidelines in 2006.

Process and stakeholders

The dietary guidelines were developed by an expert group from the National Center of Public Health Protection from the Ministry of Health, with support from the WHO Regional Office for Europe. The group also received input from consultative meetings with representatives from other relevant ministries, academia, associations of food producers and regional bodies for public health protection. 

Target audience

The messages that comprises the dietary guidelines are intended for the adult population of Bulgaria. 

Food guide

Bulgaria’s food guide is represented by a pyramid which illustrates six food groups. It reflects the main principle of a healthy diet, which is variety, achieved through daily consumption of representatives from all food groups. The size of the sectors correspond to the proportion of recommended amounts for consumption of foods from particular groups. The pyramid also features the importance of physical activity and the consumption of water. 


  1. Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits more than 400 grams every day, preferably raw.
  2. Prefer milk and dairy products with low fat and salt content.
  3. Choose lean meat, replace meat and meat products often with fish, poultry or pulses.
  4. Limit total fat intake, especially animal fat. Replace animal fats with vegetable oils when cooking.
  5. Limit the consumption of sugar, sweets and confectionery, avoid sugar-containing soft drinks.
  6. Reduce intake of salt and salty foods.
  7. If you drink alcoholic beverages, you should consume moderate quantities.
  8. Maintain a healthy body weight and be physically active every day.
  9. Drink plenty of water every day.
  10. Prepare and store the food in a way to ensure its quality and safety.
  11. Consume cereals as an important source of energy. Prefer wholegrain bread and other wholegrain products.
  12. Eat a nutritious diet with variety of foods. Do eat regularly, take enough time and enjoy your food in friendly environment.