Food-based dietary guidelines

Food-based dietary guidelines - The Republic of North Macedonia

Official name

Dietary guidelines for the population in The Republic of North Macedonia (Macedonian: Водич за исхрана на населението во Република Македонија).

Publication year

The Republic of North Macedonia published a first set of dietary guidelines in the form of a short pamphlet in 2008. An extended electronic draft version of the guidelines was published in May 2014.

Process and stakeholders

The Macedonian dietary guidelines are developed by the Institute of Public Health. They are endorsed by the Ministry of Health.

Intended audience

The guidelines are directed at the healthy population over 2 years of age.


  • Eat a nutritious diet based on a variety of foods. Eat on a regular basis, and in a pleasant atmosphere. Take your time while eating.
  • Eat plenty of cereals because they are an important source of energy. Choose wholegrain bread and other wholegrain products.
  • Eat more than 400 g of various fruits and vegetables every day. Eat some of them raw.
  • Eat milk and dairy products with low fat and salt content.
  • Choose lean meats. Substitute meat and meat products with fish, poultry, beans and bean-based products.
  • Limit your daily fat intake, particularly fats originating from animals. Reduce saturated and trans fats. During cooking, substitute animal fats with vegetable oils.
  • Limit your consumption of highly processed foods and beverages high in sugar and fat.
  • Use little salt during food preparation. Avoid adding salt at the table before eating a meal.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation and responsibly.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active every day.
  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Pay attention during the preparation and storage of food so that foods don’t lose their quality and are safe for consumption.