ENACT Tutor orientation package

ENACT is a new approach for many tutors, involving much independent study, emphasis on the local context, highly interactive tutorials and real-life practice, including “outside activities” and a mini-project in nutrition education. Because of this, even experienced teachers of nutrition can benefit from a hands-on introduction to the course. As part of the ENACT project, two sets of material have been developed for this purpose. Both target university academic staff interested in upgrading the Nutrition Education and Communication element in their universities’ curricula. Ideally, the workshops are conducted by experienced ENACT tutors, so that new tutors get the opportunity to gain from their experience and expertise.

  • The first package is designed for a short tutor orientation and promotion workshop (six to eight hours). It was tested in Ethiopia and Ghana in 2014 and subsequently revised. The workshop introduces the ENACT course design and approach, looks at course materials and key features, and encourages participants to explore the feasibility of using the course in their own countries.
  • The second package is designed for a longer tutor briefing workshop (four to five days). The workshop introduces tutors to the ENACT undergraduate course and provides guidance on the implementation of the course module. This package was tested in workshops held in Ghana (for West Africa), and Kenya (for East and Southern Africa) in 2015.