Academia and Research Institutions

Strengthening the Science-Policy Nexus for Sustainable Fisheries: Student Testimonials


The new partnership between Duke University and FAO provides students with the opportunity to engage and contribute to the scholarship, policy and sustainability of small-scale fisheries around the globe.

Texas A&M and FAO: Supporting Sustainable Development and Food Security While Educating the Next Generation of Leaders


A partnership between Texas A&M and FAO arranges for undergraduate and graduate students to intern at FAO, where they are paired with a mentor who guides them as they contribute to projects which are relevant to their area of study. Participants in the program share their experiences working at FAO [...]

Preventing a health crisis from becoming a food crisis learning from the COVID19 pandemic experience


FAO Academia Perspective Roundtable (webinar), held on 1 July 2020, brought partners from academic and research institutions, Member representatives, and FAO staff to engage in an open dialogue to better understand opportunities for leveraging partnerships to help prevent a health crisis from turning into a food crisis, [...]

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