FAO and UN System Partnerships

FAO Driving Change through Transformative Partnerships

FAO is at the heart of the UN development system (UNDS), leading efforts to tackle the world's most pressing challenges related to food and agriculture.

To achieve its mandate of ending hunger, FAO collaborates closely with other UN agencies, funds and programmes, leveraging their respective strengths and comparative advantages.

FAO is actively pursuing this objective by promoting innovative approaches to UN collaboration, tapping into the strength of transformative partnerships, which are powerful alliances that are designed to deliver sustainable outcomes through systemic, long-term and disruptive action, as highlighted in the FAO Strategic Framework 2022-2031.

FAO also plays a prominent role in the ongoing UNDS reform and participates in global and regional UN system-wide mechanisms to better coordinate action and respond to present and future threats to global food security. Through strengthened advocacy and communication, along with its strategic engagement across initiatives such as the Secretary General’s Our Common Agenda, FAO has strategically positioned agrifood systems transformation at the centre of the UN’s sustainable development agenda.  

At the country level, FAO is a major contributor to the reinvigorated Resident Coordinator system and delivers integrated actions and robust policy advice to countries in collaboration with UN Country Teams. Leveraging the planning and programming instruments provided by the UNDS reform, the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework and UN Common Country Analysis, FAO prioritizes and integrates food security and agrifood systems transformation as part of the overall UN support to national governments.

Latest work with FAO's partners