FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations in New York


Interview with Cyril Ferrand, FAO’s Resilience Team Leader for East Africa.


Side event at 2023 UNFSA Review Conference promotes the value of multi-stakeholder partnerships for sustainable fisheries and biodiversity.


FAO awards 24 systems in 12 countries, as immersive experience showcases GIAHS’ role.


Digitalization, innovation-driven solutions and access to finance are essential for the tea sector’s sustainability, FAO Director-General says.


Global ceremony at FAO resonates with call for the adoption of agricultural practices that protect these tiny animals and their enormous impact on our planet.

FAO in New York

The FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations (UN) in New York has a lead responsibility in developing and implementing policies that enhance FAO's cooperation with the UN system, capitalizing on synergies between our work and that of other UN bodies, agencies, funds and programs, and of Member States.

In doing so, we support decision-making processes carried out at FAO headquarters in relation to developments in the UN system, mainly by representing FAO at working and coordination meetings, liaising with permanent delegations to the UN in New York, and establishing partnerships with relevant institutions in the New York area. Find out more.
UN coordination
Food Systems Coordination Hub

Latest news from the Hub and on the upcoming Stocktaking Moment.

International Year of Millets 2023

The United Nations General Assembly at its 75th session in March 2021 declared 2023 the International Year of Millets (IYM 2023).

The Hand-in-Hand (HiH) Initiative

An evidence-based, country-owned and led initiative to accelerate agrifood systems transformations.

FAO responds to the Ukraine crisis

Data analyses, policy recommendations, and actions on the ground.


A year of extraordinary challenges and achievements

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Agrifood systems

VIDEO Farming, harvesting, fishing, livestock-rearing, storing, processing, transporting, selling, buying, eating… and disposing of our food are all part of these complex systems.

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VIDEO How can we conserve the traditional systems for the sustainable use of biodiversity and natural resources?

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