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Transhumance in Molise

03/06/2022 -

Sunday, May 29 2022, in Molise, the flock of the livestock farm, "La Pecorella Nera", of Daniele Berlingieri and Maria Pisano, left at 4 am from Macchiagodena, in the direction of the pastures of Roccamandolfi about 16 km on the Matese Mountains, 1100 meters altitude. After crossing State Road 17, guarded by the Carabinieri, the caravan of transhumants entered the area of the municipality of Cantalupo nel Sannio, where the climb along the municipal tratturello began, towards the "Fornello" locality where the animals will remain until October.


© Veronique Ancey. Sheep transhumance in the Molise Region in Italy.


At 2.30 pm, everyone was seated at the table for the feast of the shepherds' cuisine: polenta with sheep ragu, piebald, field vegetables and the various types of high-quality cheeses the farm produces.


Daniele and Maria are two unique breeders. Daniele shepherds with a tablet and controls his sheep precisely to achieve the highest quality in breeding to obtain products of great quality, not only organic but also healthy. Maria, in addition to being a cheesemaker, is a music teacher and plays, among others, the accordion in a delicious way.


They have 315 animals: 200 sheep comisane, those with the "black" head and just over 100 Sardinian sheep. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the two breeds, Daniele works a lot on genetics to improve the two breeds and increase their production level.