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Check various registration systems that can be applied to evaluate and authorize a pesticide, such as registration by analogy, registration based on complete evaluation, or registration by equivalence.

Review steps in the pesticide registration process, such as the submission of the application to the registration decision.

Find data required in the registration dossier for a specific pesticide and use pattern, and guidelines for testing.

Obtain methods, procedures and models that are available to evaluate specific parts of the pesticide registration dossier.

Check options for risk mitigation measures, to reduce the risks of a pesticide to be registered.

Verify aspects to consider when taking a decision to register a pesticide or refuse its registration.

Information sources menu

Address books

Find the contact details of a pesticide registration authority or a focal point for an international convention.

Registrations elsewhere

Check whether a pesticide has been registered elsewhere.

Restrictions and bans

Verify whether the use of a pesticide has been severely restricted or banned.

Scientific reviews

Check which scientific reviews of a pesticide are available from international and national bodies.

Hazard classifications

Find the hazard classification of a pesticide.

Approved labels

Find pesticide labels as approved by other registration authorities.

Maximum Residue Limits

Check Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) as established by national or international bodies.

Pesticide properties

Find chemical and toxicological properties of a pesticide.

Pesticide specifications

Obtain pesticide specifications, for the evaluation of product quality.

Terms and definitions

Check terms and definitions used in the Toolkit.

Library (General)

Download background and guidance documents.