Pesticide Registration Toolkit

Pesticide Registration Toolkit

The FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit is a decision support system for pesticide registrars in low and middle income countries. It will assist registrars in the evaluation and authorization of pesticides. The Toolkit can best be considered as a web-based registration handbook intended for day-to-day use by pesticide registrars.

Registration staff can use the Toolkit to support several of their regular tasks, including: finding data requirements, evaluating technical aspects of the registration dossier, choosing an appropriate pesticide registration strategy and procedures, reviewing risk mitigation measures and getting advice on decision making.
The Toolkit also links to many pesticide-specific information sources such as registrations in other countries, scientific reviews, hazard classifications, labels, MRLs and pesticide properties.

Main components of the Toolkit

Registration tools

technical advice on various processes and methods in pesticide registration

Information sources

information on individual pesticides, often on external links not maintained by FAO

Special topics

topics of special interest Highly Hazardous Pesticides and Public Health Pesticides

Latest Training

Latest News

Highlights from toolkit

Free self-paced & certified e-learning courses on the Pesticide Registration Toolkit and Highly Hazardous Pesticides

The FAO Plant Production and Protection Division (NSP) and FAO elearning Academy, together with the European Union, the Swedish Chemicals Agency, and the partners of Inter-Organization Programme for the sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC): UNITAR, the World Bank, ILO, WHO, OECD, UNDP, UNIDO and FAO, are extremely pleased to announce the publication of the two elearning courses: 

The courses are certified and available free of charge, as a global public good, through the FAO elearning Academy.