Pest and Pesticide Management

Normative Work

International Code of Conduct and Guidelines

Strengthening sound pesticide management to assist countries in establishing or strengthening legislation, policies, strategies and capacity building for pest control and pesticide life cycle management.

International Standards

Setting international standards for pesticide residues and specifications that provide concrete assistance to countries in pesticide risk assessment and mitigation.

Areas of work

FAO's Integrated Pest Management approach
Healthy agro-ecosystems form the first line of defense against pests and diseases.

Pesticide Registration Toolkit
A web based decision support system for the evaluation and authorization of pesticides.



Addressing Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs)
HHPs are of particular concern due to the severe adverse effects they can cause to human health and the environment.

Risk Reduction and Mainstreaming Biodiversity
Biodiversity sustains food systems by keeping soils fertile, pollinating plants, purifying water and air, keeping fish and trees healthy, and fighting crop and livestock pests and diseases.