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#113 Manufacturer(s) of the preparation and of the active substance(s) (name and contact information)

OECD data point number

IIIA 1.2 (Chemical pesticides – formulated product)

IIIP 1.2 (pheromones and other semiochemicals – formulated product)

Circumstances in which the data are required

The information is always required.

Test substance

Information to be provided for: formulated product (FP)

Typical information to be provided by the applicant

IIIA 1.2.1 / IIIP 1.2.1:  Name of manufacturer of the formulated product, address, contact person, telephone, telefax, e-mail address.
IIIA 1.2.2 / IIIP 1.2.2:  Name(s) of manufacturer(S) of all the active ingredients in the formulated, address, contact person, telephone, telefax, e-mail address (link to study #102)