International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture


How to Report under Section V of the Compliance Procedures

1 - Download and review the Standard Reporting Format.

2 - Fill in or obtain the necessary inputs from the relevant national authorities. You can see other reports received here.

3 - Obtain your username and password for the Online Reporting System from the International Treaty Secretariat:  

4 - Upload the data in the different sections and submit it through the system. There is an online help section. The system will generate a PDF report.

5 - Send a message to [email protected], attaching the report in PDF format.

The deadline for the submission of national reports under the Second Reporting Cycle was extended by the Governing Body until 1 October 2024.

Please consult the “frequently asked questions” and contact the International Treaty Secretariat at [email protected] in the event of any problems, or if you require additional information. 

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