School food global hub

FAO, WFP and the School Meals Coalition are inviting school foodservice staff to share their experiences of using nutrition guidance provided as part of the school meal programme to make healthy meals for schoolchildren and adolescents.

We are asking cooks, caterers, chefs, kitchen volunteers and anyone who works in school foodservice to share with us their creative ways and ideas in making nutritious food appealing for children in your school!  Tell us how you integrate the nutrition guidelines into the delicious meals you prepare for children in your school! What are your tips and tricks to make school meals particularly appealing for children?

The most original ideas will be included in a short joint publication, featured on all partners’ websites, dedicated to the creative and innovative approaches of fellow school cooks and kitchen staff around the world. The partners will also promote the content on their social media channels, reaching and inspiring millions of people all over the world.

The publication will be promoted at global occasions  such as the World Food Day. For this occasion, your videos will be edited and screened during the Junior World Food Day event. Written and visual content may also be used to produce digital communication products such as interactive stories. Overall, your experiences will inform and guide a global process to improve the quality of school food.