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As tools to record videos are becoming more and more accessible, we can all narrate our life experiences through this simple yet engaging medium. Watch these videos by young people, teachers and school staff from across the world who have shared their experience with school food.

Are videos your thing too? Then why not make one yourself! Click here to find out how.

School food ambassadors triple interview

We asked three school food ambassadors what they think about nutritious and enjoyable school meals: here is what they told us.

School seed saving for biodiversity

At Washingborough Academy, children save beans from their school garden so they can plant them again the following year.

Pauline from Zimbabwe

Pauline Mapfumo, a nutritionist and nutrition advocate, calls on governments to take action and improve the nutrition, health and wellness of young...


Even in the age of visual communication, some of us just like telling stories in the old classic way – writing them. Written stories have been around for millennia, and will continue to be so.

If this is your thing, reach out to us to discuss which life experience related to school food you would like to talk about. We can support you at every stage, and you will have the opportunity to see your story featured here, among the ones that have already been written by young people from across the globe.


Photography is an effective and immediate way of immortalizing and narrating our life experiences. In this section, you will find school food photo-stories submitted by people from all over the world. If you are a keen photographer and would like to tell your story through your photos, click here to learn how to submit them!