Healthy school food environments, coupled with engaging food and nutrition education, play a fundamental role in the nutrition and well-being of schoolchildren and adolescents, thus contributing towards their development.​

This hub hosts up-to-date information about the situation of school food nutrition guidelines and standards (NGS) and food and nutrition education programmes around the world, as well as tools and guidance to support the design and implementation of school food and nutrition policies and interventions. It also offers a space for youth and the school community to share their experiences and make their voice heard.

The hub is constantly being updated and more aspects of school food and nutrition will be added regularly.

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See what FAO is doing to improve the quality of school food and food education around the world.

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School food environments at the centre of discussion of FAO-WFP online event

The second event of the series on school food was attended by more than 200 participants

Healthy school meals I prepare

Cooks, caterers, chefs, kitchen volunteers: share how you make nutritious food appealing for children in your school!

What are countries doing to improve the quality of their school food and food education interventions?

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