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Mid-term evaluation of Securing Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use in Huangshan Municipality

The project's specific objective is to “evaluate, adapt, and implement relevant best practices derived from the successful management of Huangshan National Scenic Reserve to strengthen and upgrade the existing municipal system of protected areas (PAs).” This is to be achieved by adopting a tiered, sequential approach applied to different classes of Nature Reserves (NR) grouped to best benefit from project-supported activities in a cost-effective manner. This MTE is being conducted for the purposes of both accountability and learning of GEF, GCU, FAO, and other participating institutions. This MTE documents important lessons to guide the remaining phase of the project and will serve as an input to improve its implementation. Likewise, it will present strategic recommendations in order to ensure that all the planned results of the project will be achieved if considered realistic.

Project code: GCP/CPR/049/GFF

GEF ID: 4526

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