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Issue paper

Terminal evaluation of the project “Forest Resources Assessment and Monitoring to Strengthen Forestry Policy and Knowledge Framework”. Project code: GCP/AZE/007/GFF - GEF ID: 9795

The project objective was to support the implementation of sustainable forest management in Azerbaijan, increase the social and economic benefits gleaned from forests, improve the quality of existing forests, and increase carbon sequestration. The evaluation found that, despite a broad scope, limited timeline and limited resources, the project addressed and secured full achievement of the most strategic parts under two components. In the future, FAO needs to narrow the scope and focus of similar projects and gradually scale up the project activities in similar strategic dimensions. FAO also needs to reconsider the means of validating co-financing contributions from partners based on their actual involvement and monetary contributions to the project and to improve the M&E system through the development of a consolidated results framework with SMART indicators and targets.

Europe & Central Asia