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Economic and Financial Analysis of Rural Investment Projects. IFAD's Internal Guidelines. Case Studies

These FAO/IFAD guidelines are designed as a sourcebook to address recurrent problems faced by practitioners to prepare Economic and Financial Analysis (EFA) during design, supervision and ex-post evaluation of projects.

This volume offers practical, short and well-referenced EFA guidance notes built on actual cases from EFA of various development projects. It aims to offer methodological "hints", guidance and inspiration for EFAs of a wide array of development interventions, including: nutrition, climate-smart agriculture, natural resource management, livestock production, land tenure security, water and sanitation, rural finance, irrigation, rural roads, value chains and demand-driven investments. 

The target audience comprises consultants working for governments, IFAD and other international financial institutions, FAO Investment Centre economists in charge of preparing EFAs and project design team members and mission leaders, and particularly country programme managers.

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