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Strengthening Sector Policies for Better Food Security and Nutrition Results. Gender Equality. Policy Guidance Note 6

Rural women make up the majority of food producers in the world, and they are vital to the wellbeing of their families and communities. Yet, in many parts of the world, women face multiple forms of discrimination that affect their potential. They often have less access to resources and fewer opportunities to participate in decision-making processes. The gender and food security policy domains are generally disconnected: food security and nutrition objectives are rarely reflected in gender-related policies, and gender equality concerns are often missing in food security and nutrition policies. This gender guidance note seeks to facilitate policy dialogue on how to best synchronize gender equality and women’s empowerment policy objectives and food security and nutrition ones, to enhance coordination between the two policy domains, and ultimately enable women on an equal basis with men to realize their potentials as key partners in improving food security and nutrition.

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