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Livestock policy analysis and monitoring in Viet Nam

Viet Nam has seen remarkable progress in the reduction of rural poverty in recent decades, with the agriculture sector making a substantial contribution. In 2017, the sector had a growth rate of almost three percent per year, with the livestock sector being one of the fastest growing subsectors. However, the sector is faced by many challenges, including the growing demand for high-quality, safe and consistent livestock products, difficulties related to diseases, and growing environmental pollution caused by livestock waste from intensive livestock production and processing. Efforts to understand and manage changes in the livestock sector as a whole have been inadequate. The lack of sufficient and relevant data, analysis and an evaluation/monitoring system is a critical gap with regard to making informed policy choices. The project was designed to provide technical support in the development of livestock analysis and monitoring systems and tools, and to put in place a scalable pilot based on relevant typologies of production systems.

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