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/ Guidelines & methodologies

Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool for Value Chain (EX-ACT VC). Guidelines

This manual explains how to use the EX-Ante Carbon-balance Tool for Value Chain (EX-ACT VC) and how to address a multi-impact appraisal in terms of socio-economic and environmental performance of value chains. These guidelines justify the development of the tool, and introduce its goals for value chain analysis and the step-by-step approach of its modules.

Specifically, Chapter 1 discusses the importance of incorporating climate change mitigation and resilience into agricultural production systems. Chapter 2 explains the development of the FAO EX-ACT Value Chain tool, along with its logic and methodology, while Chapter 3 provides a concise overview of its structure. Chapters 4 to 12 guide users through the process of entering data into the tool. Chapter 13 focuses on the results of value chain analyses conducted using EX-ACT VC. To aid understanding of the whole process of inputs and outputs, an example value chain for coffee production is evaluated.

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