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Issue paper

Policy analysis of nationally determined contributions (NDC) in Europe and Central Asia

This ‘Policy Analysis of Nationally Determined Contributions in Europe and Central Asia’ follows up on the previous effort to report on implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions in the region. Specifically, this publication compiles and analyzes the most relevant and updated information on policies and regulatory frameworks related to climate change in the region, including information on access to available climate finance to support countries in the implementation of their goals under the Paris Agreement.


This publication identifies the current commitments, policy and finance gaps and opportunities for enhancing climate change mitigation and adaptation ambitions in countries of Europe and Central Asia region. It also assesses the impact of climate change on relevant sectors in the region, particularly in agriculture, as well as reviewing the linkages with other ongoing national processes, such as the Sustainable Development Goals implementation in member countries.

This publication play a crucial role in contributing to FAO’s support to its member countries and, on this basis, facilitate exchanges of experiences among different countries and promote enhanced access to global financial windows, including FAO’s climate smart agriculture, forestry and fisheries interventions that can support countries in achieving their objectives.

Europe & Central Asia
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