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/ Framework

A common framework for agriculture and land use in the nationally determined contributions

This paper presents a sector-specific framework for better understanding the role of the AFOLU sector in the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) at the country and aggregate level. It is designed to facilitate the stocktaking and analysis of national climate change mitigation and adaptation priorities, barriers to implementation and support needs specific to the AFOLU sector in order to inform country programming and guide the flow of external support. It can also be used at the country-level to facilitate NDC enhancement and encourage compliance with the Enhanced Transparency Framework (ETF) of the Paris Agreement. As such, it is directed at national policy makers sitting in ministries of environment, agriculture, finance and social planning, as well as at international and non-governmental organizations, development agencies and banks and finance institutions. To date, the framework has been adopted by FAO to conduct a series of regional-level analysis of the role of the AFOLU sector in the NDCs.

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