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Issue paper

High-Level Expert Seminar on Indigenous Food Systems. Building on traditional knowledge to achieve Zero Hunger

In December 2017, FAO and Bioversity International entered into an agreement to contribute to the overall food systems and climate change adaptation debate through analytical and field activities on indigenous food systems. Thanks to this agreement, and through a task force thatincluded, FAO and Bioversity, the Centre  for  International  Forestry  Research  (CIFOR),  the  Indigenous  Partnership  for  Agrobiodiversity  and Food  Sovereignty,  the  French  National  Research  Institute  for  Sustainable  Development  (IRD)  and  local indigenous organizations, different food systems across the world were profiled.

To  present  the first  results  of  these  studies  and  to  identify strategies  to  safeguard  the  preservation  and transmission  of  ancestral  knowledge  to  future  generations  in  relation  to  indigenous  food  systems  and climate-adapted  crops,  FAO  in  collaboration  with  different  partners  organized  the first  High-level  Expert Seminar on Indigenous Food Systems, held at FAO headquarters from 7 to 9 November 2018.

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