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Issue paper

Genetically modified crops: Safety, benefits, risks and global status

Genetically modified (GM) crops are a new addition to crop varieties developed through traditional methods such as breeding, selection and mutation. Given their novelty, there are safety concerns among the public, scientists, and regulators, although the benefits outweigh the risks. Among the potential risks are pests becoming resistant, crops gaining weediness and GM foods posing safety issues to both human and animals and these are studied extensively.

This has resulted in science-based risk assessment and management that safeguard safety to humans, animals and environment. We can be rest assured that GM crops that are approved are safe and continuous monitoring is undertaken. Today, more than 17 million farmers are planting GM crops in 29 countries and are reaping higher yield with reduced use of pesticides and better management of weeds among other benefits. These flash cards intend to provide an overview of the benefits, safety and risks of GM crops and how the risks are assessed and managed. The global status of commercially available GM crops is also provided.