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Land and People in Protracted Crises. Building Stability on the Land. Guidance Note

This note focuses on the topic of access to land and land governance in protracetd crises, providing some possible solutions illustrated by case studies from FAO interventions in such contexts. Protracted crisis do represent a signal of alert on the fact that approaches proposed so far where not enough to deal with such a complexity. Not enough cross-sectorial, not enough inclusive and not enough able to create a sense of ownership by the concerned stakeholders.

This is why a renewed thinking is needed, based on the concrete observations of local dynamics, making an effort to understand the positions and interests of the many diverse parties involved and moving out from a sectorial vision, towards a more holistic one. In Protracted Crisis what is at stake is not just the evidence of degraded natural resources, but the weakening social cohesion that needs to be reshaped in new forms. The political economy of land and other natural resources should thus become structural part of the discussion, which means starting addressing governance issues.