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Incorporating decent rural employment in the strategic planning for agricultural development

The Guidance document aims to assist FAO Members in incorporating decent rural employment (DRE) interventions across different agricultural sub-sectors.

It is organized into three main sections that answer respectively to the questions: "Why", "When" and "How" to integrate DRE. In particular, the section on “How to incorporate DRE considerations” outlines and analyzes the following 4 strategic planning phases: Phase 1: Conducting the problem and stakeholder analysis – Applying a DRE lens; Phase 2: Defining desired impacts and beneficiaries – Prioritizing DRE; Phase 3: Developing the result chain and the strategies and programmes to achieve the results - Developing a DRE-inclusive results chain; Phase 4: Developing the M&E system with DRE-inclusive indicators.

The document provides overall guidance in the main text, which is complemented with boxes, figures, tables and annexes containing examples, detailed technical advice, tips and checklists.