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Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity into Agricultural Production and Management in the Pacific Islands. Technical Guidance Document

This guidance document will be produced to assist countries in finding synergies between two important realms of international agreements: sound chemicals management and biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. We suggest that it can be used as countries are revising any of their strategies or policies related to these two realms, but in particular is oriented toward country revision, or to assist implementation, of their National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs), to help them attain a number of relevant Aichi Targets. It is intended to indicate where important synergies can be harvested, but is not meant to be prescriptive. The document will draw upon work that has been carried out, with similar scope, in Kenya and other countries of the East African Community. It targets specifically the context and national policy processes of Pacific island countries where commercial and semi-commercial agriculture represents a significant activity and the excessive use of agrochemicals is source of concern, looking specifically at Fiji, Samoa and Cook Islands as case studies.

FAO, Convention on Biological Diversity, Pacific Community, SPREP
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