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Toolkit on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems

The toolkit is an integrated package of guidance on how to design, implement, monitor and evaluate nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture policies and programmes. It is the result of a consultative process within FAO and with external partners, including development partners (in particular the World Bank and the European Commission), NGOs and academia. The toolkit includes:

Key recommendations for improving nutrition through agriculture and food systems
10 recommendations for designing programmes in a nutrition-sensitive way and 5 recommendations for creating an enabling environment for nutrition.

Also available in French, Spanish and Russian.

Designing nutrition-sensitive agriculture investments. Checklist and guidance for programme formulation
provides key questions, tips and sources of information for situation analysis, programme design, monitoring and evaluation, to enable the implementation of the Key Recommendations on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems.

Also available in French and Russian.

Compendium of indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture
describes a range of indicators that can be used to monitor and evaluate the nutritional impacts of investments in agriculture.

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems in practice. Options for intervention
Provides a list of interventions with a potential to improve nutrition, organised according to four key functions of the food system and as cross-cutting issues.

Agreeing on causes of malnutrition for joint action
These guidelines are designed for professionals who seek to promote integrated planning across sectors for sustainable improvements in nutrition, in development, emergency and resilience-building programmes. The guidelines present a workshop methodology based on a "problem and solution tree" approach for: sensitization and training on nutrition, food security and livelihoods; strategic planning for integrated nutrition programmes; designing information and surveillance systems for nutrition and food security; developing partnerships for improving nutrition, food security and livelihoods.

Available also in French and Spanish.

FAO/European Commission/ World Bank/ German Ministry of Food and Agriculture