Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture

Supporting pollinator biodiversity is vital for sustaining global food security, nutrition, and ecosystem health. Projects focusing on pollinator conservation address the challenges posed by agricultural practices and ensure the availability of diverse, nutrient-rich crops. 

FAO’s Global Action on Pollination Services for Sustainable Agriculture exists within the framework of its Strategic Objective for increasing and improving the provision of goods and services from agriculture, and its commitment to facilitating and coordinating the International Pollinator Initiative 2.0 (and its Action Plan 2018-2030). Through the Global Action, FAO is working with partners from a range of sectors including government, academia, research institutions and global experts to move forward the pollinator and pollination agenda. Some examples of work undertaken through the Global Action are: 

  • Participation in events at national and international levels 
  • Provision of support to and/or liaise with regional initiatives (e.g., African Pollinators Initiative) 
  • Addressing climate change and pollination services 
  • Awareness raising 
  • Developing and providing tools and guidance documents 

The Global Action also develops and implements projects, together with partners and colleagues globally, and through funding from a range of committed donors.